Alright so, this takes place in the future. Over time, dimensions to other worlds have been torn apart by age/scientists who just cannot leave shit alone. So dangerous beings have been slipping on Earth and basically killing people and trying to take over. The main problem being the beings called "Flaciats". A race of creatures who believes the impurities of human kind are far too damaged to be fixed, so they are trying to 'help' the humans by causing them to give into sins or virtues to cause their own demise. Those who do not give in can be saved, but have to give themselves to the Flaciat race...but Earth was not having that dumbshit. So they got help from their inter-dimensional allies -- the Vilocens -- who agreed to help Earth, because they understand that not all humans are vile vicious creatures.

So they granted seven humans with super human abilities. Speed, strength, agility, durability and longevity...and the ability to make anything they carry that is man-made a powerful enough weapon to fight with...all to be able to defend themselves against the Flaciats. Each human having strong traits in both a sin and virtue, strong enough to be able to influence others to make proper choices, thus canceling out the negative influence from the Flaciats. They were physically powerful enough to hold off the Flaciats...but their human judgment was alll up to them....yeah that was the catch. So to prevent a sudden burst of Powerhouses (as what they called themselves), the Vilocens decided that every 2 decades a new cycle of 7 shall be born. The previous cycle will have the knowledge and experience to teach the new. Their life spans extended only if they keep contact with each other.

But noooooooo the humans fuck it up for themselves as usual.

The first cycle only has two known survivors, the second cycle pretty much stay the fuck away from each other because they decided to exploit their powers for fame thus destroyed their relationships and we now start with the third cycle…

^ Still working on it o3o Besides elemental crap, I have always wanted to do things with the sins/virtues!